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Mother’s Day


How do I make the day special for my mom, for whom I sacrifice so much? My own daughter is miles away, being pampered by her children, under her husband’s guidance. It feels like every day is Mother’s Day for my mom. She has meals delivered almost every day, by the two people closest to her, physically and emotionally. Her mail is brought in from the box, set in front of her at the table. Trash is emptied, recycle taken out, batteries replaced, bills paid, surveys answered.

What would it take to make the day different than every other day? Candy? Flowers? Does a beautiful card make the day special?

Is it necessary to make a big deal out of a day that makes florist’s do the happy dance? What would make it special for me is to spend a few hours with my daughter. No candy, flowers, silly balloons. Just time to walk, chat, grab a coffee. With no demands from her kids. Yes, I love my grandchildren to pieces, but I loved my daughter first.

My first born, my miracle, my pride and joy. The ‘good child.’

I don’t need a fake holiday to feel valued as a mother. I already am. I’m loved, valued, and I love and value in return. From my grandmother down to my youngest granddaughter, we have a legacy of caring, loving, and strong women. I don’t need Hallmark to tell me so.


Throwing Boulders

Sometimes things are set in motion and seem to move beyond our control. I’d like to say STOP! or Slow Down! so I can be sure the direction is right. But God is up above with the 30,000 foot view and He sees the momentum and is okay with it. We don’t see our the small decisions are like a little pebble trown into a pond. The ripples are barely noticeable by the time they reach the shore.
Other, big decisions – who to marry, which job to take, etc. – are like heaving a boulder into the pond. First there’s a huge splash, throwing showers of water into the air. Then rings of motion, slamming against the shore over and over again. Big decisions — big consequences.
Here’s the comfort: that eventually the waves turn into ripples and the ripples into barely discernable undulations, until, finally, the pond is smooth as glass again.