The Tyranny of the Urgent

I’m driving up Sunrise Blvd on my way home from the grocery store. A sad song comes on the radio: “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor. Now I’m crying. Cars are rushing around me because I have slowed down; can’t see through the tears. I want to tell them to slow down…the urgency to get somewhere is not that important. Can’t you see my son is fighting for his life???

2 thoughts on “The Tyranny of the Urgent

  1. The same thing happens to me from time to time when I slow down. Yesterday was one of the first hot days and I was remembering his recent visit and our Corona and horseshoes battle. I started to cry thinking about how this summer will be much different for my best friend. I’m having trouble sleeping at night. I love him so much.

    • I know what you mean. My dreams have been very troubled lately. I was depressed all weekend, even after talking to him on Saturday afternoon. This is hard on everyone.

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